Let’s pave
the way
to the future

CERCIS seeks to enhance the positive impact of the public space, daily, by developing beautiful & eco-responsible projects.

On the way
to tomorow

“A place of memories”: it is with this in mind that CERCIS develops its projects, driven by responsibility, authenticity, ecological awareness and creativity. As ambassadors of public optimism, we welcome you to embark with us on a journey to create the road of tomorrow.

Let’s work for
the green city

Ecological awareness is part of our DNA: after having planted millions of trees over the years as specialists in green spaces, CERCIS has succeeded in broadening its expertise to all areas of public works while capitalizing on its green & sustainable vision.

Creating human

CERCIS places people at the center of the public space: Our mission privileges the human experience in the public space aiming to reconcile people with the space they live in and to reduce the boundaries between rural & urban areas.

living environments

CERCIS is driven by a deep sense of human values: whatever the nature of the project is, the company develops innovative projects specifically designed to improve the populations’ living environments. For CERCIS, public works projects are, above any business consideration, vectors of collective well-being and social connections.

Developing porjects
with ambition

CERCIS’s approach is empowered by a vision that is both ethical and modern: it aims to reveal the strength of a space whilst strengthening its original identity. CERCIS constantly works towards improving the populations’ living conditions while preserving their natural environment. Our unique development approach vigorously respects the culture, the history and the social context of the space in which it operates in.