the city
of man

CERCIS’s approach is empowered by a vision that is both ethical and modern: we aim to reveal the strength of a space whilst strengthening its original identity.

CERCIS works constantly through its achievements to improve the living conditions of populations while preserving their natural environment. Our tailor-made approach vigorously respects the culture, the ambitions and the social context of the space in which it operates.


6 areas
of expertise

Roads & Utilities Infrastructure

Creating strong connections

CERCIS builds and maintains roads’ infrastructures and utilities networks, such as : access roads, grading, sanitation, development of landfill and interconnection points to all main networks – aiming to improve the daily life & well-being of populations. CERCIS aims to create healthy spaces through quality infrastructure, designed for optimum durability.
Beyond the ground, Cercis (re)gives the city its arteries.

Highways & Roads

Let’s pave the way for the future

Whether in construction or in maintenance, CERCIS contributes to the improvement of road infrastructure.
CERCIS’s desire is to sustainably connect living spaces, through adapted road infrastructures, whether in rural or urban areas.
Through the road, CERCIS traces the paths of the future.

Construction & Civil Engineering

Let’s rebuild the city of ‘Man’

CERCIS develops civil engineering projects that are part of a greater vision. A complete public works mission, guaranteeing simplified management as well as the completion of all works within optimal deadlines.

Beyond civil engineering, Cercis is (re)building the city of ‘Man’


Let’s build green(er) cities

CERCIS, with its in-depth knowledge and expertise of the plant world based on 40 years of experience in this field, develops original green projects combining innovation, aesthetics and diversity.
CERCIS constantly seeks to improve people’s living environments through nature: the company enhances the positive impact of the urban space by implementing intelligent green & ecological dimensions to it. Our goal is to beautify the city through aesthetic and responsible tailor-made landscaping, keeping in mind the welfare of Man.
Beyond landscaping, Cercis works for a city that is in deep harmony with nature.

Coastal development

Revealing the beauty & strength of the coast

CERCIS aspires to develop coastal projects with dual objectives: to innovate the project’s area while respecting the integrity of its natural environment. More specifically, CERCIS aims to protect, preserve and modernize the area with all local (social and environmental) parameters in mind. The company also aims to optimize the interaction between the inhabitants of the coast and their maritime space.

Beyond coastal development, CERCIS aims to beautify all areas blessed to have a coast.

Design & Build

Let’s dream the city of tomorow

For sophisticated projects that require an innovative approach, CERCIS deploys all the finesse of its savoir-faire & experience to conduct each phase with precision from the early stage of conceptualization to the very final delivery.
Basing its Design & Build approach on a collaborative dynamic, the company sets up a tailor-made structure specifically defined to materialize the client’s vision in each small finished detail. CERCIS thus ensures efficient administration of the works through transparent & permanent management of operations and costs, guaranteeing progress on time and construction reliability.
Beyond design & build solutions, let’s dream together the city of tomorrow.